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First Post of 2014

How many of you enjoy the idea of a brand new year? 2013 had a lot of big downers for me with a few little ups so it didn't really balance it out. Amungst getting used, hurt emotionally and physically and 2 deaths I found some of the most genuine friends out my social circle. It wasn't all bad though, not only did I find out who My true friends were I also saw a lot of people for what they we're, learnt a lot about myself, gained confidence and have developed a "don't fuck me with" defensive attitude for when needed. Had a great bunch of holidays with friends around the UK and lastly had a lot of fun from innocent to filth. The main thing for me is that I have started my life heading in a different direction for the better, I have enrolled myself on a holistic therapy course which is just the beginning of a whole chain of events but more to come about that nearer when I start ^_~

I don't care what your past holds as that's the past, what matters is what happens and who you are now and to all my friends, family and followers I genuinely hope that this year you have your life heading in the direction YOU want as ultimately that's all that matters in our short time on this world full of chaos.

It's never too late to be what you might have been. An obstacle is often a stepping stone.

2014 will have lots of positive changes, I can feel it. I can tell that it will be a year no one will forget.

Let's leave this on a nice note ^_^

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The End of Xmas

Well here we go, let's try get back into writing...

Well for the past few days me and Ashley Hayes have been chilling and not doing feck all but films and games, mainly Abe's Oddysee ^_~ . Soon as Ash arrived I whisked him away with me to Manchester for a shopping trip and then took him to his first gay sauna hehe. He was a little nervous at first but after showing him around and teaching him the ropes he was fine.  I won't go into detail but I fucked one cute black guy and got double teamed by two tall polish guys, some of my followers may be shocked to know but I play safe in a sauna!! So no I didn't dump a load in an ass or get filled with cum haha but enjoyed good safe clean fun. Anyhow after that we came home and done nothing since which brings us upto date.

Here's a pic of the sweet and sexy Ashley Hayes

image image

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Well well…

After a long pause on putting up a post I thought that my site had died and yet I still get people talking to me about it. Guess I was entertaining some people with my mindless rambling hehe.


Will have to start writing again to keep my stalkers interested haha, stay tuned ;)

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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

It’s been a while since I posted but past 2 months have been full of extreme positives and extreme negatives from soul mate to death. My new year’s resolution is to make a post for my site every Friday, I think it’s more for my benefit so in an odd way I have someone to talk to and have time to reflect on what’s been happening.

As you know I just got together with Nick in my last post and since then there has been no doubt that he is my soul mate, no matter how cheesy that sounds its true. I love him and Jason equally just met through different ways is the only difference. Well we have changed a lot of our relationship rules to help each other by making things fair and so no one gets hurt from anything for example we now only do porn and escorting together not separately. When one of us had to be away with work the other felt heartbroken even though it was just work so needed to sort that out. With my mind being a bit fucked up in many ways it helps me connect to Nick more but at the same time I sometimes manage to hurt him really badly :-( I don’t feel certain emotions like appreciation or guilt so I often don’t see what is causing Nick and Jason to be upset until it gets too much for them then I start to feel an emotional twinge which rapidly grows, I just wish I felt it more so I can be a better person for everyone yet as I’m slowly getting help for it soon should be better than I am. Not many can understand how difficult it is to try understanding how it feels to lack some of the basic emotions and it hurts me that I hurt others without realising. I have wanted my biohazard tattoo for a while for various reasons but never had a good enough reason to go get it done until a few days ago when my great grandma died at the very nice age of 98, now there has been a lot of debate about why I have it and so many retarded people have said “you have it so you MUST have HIV” to those people I try explain the real reasons why but they will not listen. The real reason why I have it is because I used to be a full on BBer and it kind of is the logo to that, the main reason is because Nick has a similar past to me so he got the same one in the same place so it was to have the same thing done at the same time just us two and finally the death of my great grandma gave me the courage to get it done by helping me realise that life shouldn’t be filled by waiting to do something or hesitating, there is one last reason too which is while I was in college someone died of a chemical accident so a load of guys and girls got it done in memory of him.

In December the guy who “owned me” turned out to be con, I won’t go into it on here but he left in a bad way attempting to ruin my life but failed. Now Nick and Jason own me but in different ways, Nick has the kinky side of me and Jason has the normal side of me. I also own Nick as were both versatile and switch. Last month we did a film for Triga which was great fun and while in the area had a catch up with Leo.

My appearance keep switching between being a Scally most the time and alternative Goth on other days which is a lot easier now I’m starting to make some alternative friends again :-) helps that they are bisexual and fit too but yet most my mates are. Years ago in my late teens I used to be a Goth with cyber tendencies haha so time to uncover some of my old clothes and get that side back ^_^ I’m in need of a photo shoot and I know just the right photographers for the job.

As a sorry to my followers who haven’t had anything nice to read or see I will put up a few pics of how I generally look now.

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Scally Attraction

The past 2 weeks have been dramatic, there have been a lot of debates with my owner and now I got a partner who matches my filthiness.

Once upon a time there was a kinky porn escort called Alex, he had a fairly relaxed life and things were pretty much calm. One uneventful day he was in Manchester to see a friend for a nice chat and catch up then head to Kristian’s apartment to catch up with him and stay the night, little did he know of what awaited him there and what the consequences of going would be. The second he walked in he was shocked and slightly aroused at the sight of a handsome fit scaly seductively draped over a couch wearing a black vest  and a nice pair of black trickies with his bare feet dangling off the edge facing Alex, cigarette in one hand and phone in the other, tribal tattoos over his masculine arms and a name with some paw prints on his neck. The silver chain around his neck had 2 rings on it which caught Alex’s eye and made him look at his chest and want to see what was underneath, no matter what Alex was determined to have this guy in the worst ways possible.

Chatting and drinking whisky and coke all night with Kris and Nick was getting Alex very horny, glancing and catching one eyeing up the other was mildly frustrating but Alex being shy he went out to go get food and drinks instead of starting anything. Alex thought the best way to go about having Nick was to get Kris to start something so he text him saying “Your mate is fit as fuck! Or is it the whisky talking :p ?” unknown to Alex Nick had Kris’s phone and checked this message. When he got back and sat down Nick said to come sit beside him, the smell of his aftershave driving Alex to jump on him.

I give up writing creatively haha and will let the rest of what happened run in your imagination. The outcome though now (2 weeks later) me and Nick go out and I have a new owner who I care very much about called Jayson, I have put up pics and a post of him before but will put another one of him up as well as Nick at the end of the post. I’m still training him as my owner though haha just so he knows what my limits and boundaries are.

Past week I have seen a lot of Josh Landale and my American Pie girl Justine and got up to a few odd things, one day we went and had a ride on a kids carousel with adults staring at us from the barrier. I was slightly embarrassed as Justine and Nick were loud and Nick was riding side saddle for half of it facing the small crowed looking at us. The next day Justine and me pissed into Nick’s ass just coz we were bored and by into I mean into. Josh was watching and recording it (so if you want to see pics/vids look on his blog, links on the right side of my site) I got my proctoscope and slid it in and then put a funnel on the end of it, had Nick bent over the bath and then Justine peed in him first then me and he loved every second of it and easily matches my filthy side. I haven’t enjoyed myself like this for while now, what with all the hassle and “debates” with my previous owner and flatmates. I think things are going to get alot more fun and lively again and I can tell Nick will bring back my more lively social side but he is defiantly bringing out my scaly side more.

I finished writing the post from Manchester’s prison waiting room while waiting for some friends to come back from a visit.

(Pics will  be uploaded in a couple of hours :p )

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My Lucky 13?

Not much to report since my birthday really, let’s see I have been to Basement in Manchester for a day of being a fluezy, my sex drive is higher than it has ever been but I am being a lot more cautious of who I have sex with also still exploring more of my sub side.

My trip to Basement has been my most eventful in the past 4 years with my end total of having full on sex either as top or bottom with 13 different guys, this number could have been way higher but I’m picky and only go for the fit guys hehe.  Arrived at about 12:00 and left at 20:11 which gave me a nice amount of time to release frustration in a fun way and an hour to head to train while grabbing a bite to eat on way to the station. Most the guys were nice manly men but I did have a few twinks too so had a nice verity. The main thing I hate about being 5ft6, slim and smooth is that people look at me and their first impression is that I am bottom and a sub which really piss’s me off and makes it harder to find bottom guys, a few of the guys that I topped were suppressed/shocked and said that I wasn’t what they were expecting and that they loved it. At one point the cabin door somehow opened while I was topping a guy and I was enjoying myself too much to shut it again so let other people watch and got a nice amount of people watching and loving it. I may be very slim etc but I am not fragile and can give as well if not even better than I can take. I didn’t stay long enough to meet my good friend Zack Price but I text him saying I would defiantly see him next time I’m down.

I had thought that having a fun filled time at the sauna my sex drive would have calmed down but it hadn’t, I was still mega horny and up for way more. I’m not sure what I can do to calm it down, and even if do find something would I want to? It’s something I defiantly need to think about, how much sex is too much and when does it start to take over? I used to be a sex addict which I have no problem admitting but to an extent I still am just a lot more controlled than I used to be. When sex starts to hurt those you love and care about around you is when need to have a think if it is because of the amount your having or if they just don’t like it or approve or just jealousy. I have been  bit silly in the past about what I did and who with so these days I do things generally safer with a lot more thought beforehand as I don’t want to get myself in a bad situation. The kinky fetish side of myself I still am wanting to explore more but I’m a bit mixed up about that too haha not 100% but got a rough idea to what I want, again yet another thing I need to have a lil think about but it’s going to be more try with the right people.

*Note to self: must remember to show my psychiatrist about all this or just show him my site*

For those that are interested in what my previous 3 psychiatrists have said so far is that I am not schizophrenic but it is an extreme way of dealing with my emotions. There are 2 things they wanted to help me with but they can’t help with that as I do not want help with those things haha. I have realised I need to get in contact with those friends that mean things to me and I care about still, just hope they do for me too.

Well it’s only short but I’ve had a long night and got a busy day today seeing family and sorting out 2 things with my mum which are a toy deal and having a kind of step dad (who I have never really met) stay at mine for a few days haha.

Ps I know I should proof read my posts...... But I don't lol.

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The Forgotten Birthday

As it has been an eventful 20 days but will only be putting up a short post as most of it hasn’t been fun events but there have been a few good times. With my mind in a little bit of a crazed state at the moment my post will be short paragraphs haha.

The first load of bad news I got was that my great grandma who is 98 has cancer and with the recent hip replacement the time left isn’t looking promising, I’m very scared that this winter may be her last. Neither I nor my mums have experienced a family death yet and even though it is inevitable we are both dreading the time and dreading how we are both going to react, time passes and people move on and like how water flows it will never end.

On a plus side recently I have played a couple of times with a really attractive dom with short black hair, a cute baby face and a lot of muscle, the main downside is the distance as he lives Nottingham so not sure how regular a thing we could be, even though I travel around the UK a lot that isn’t a place I normally head to. See how that pans out and will keep you updated.

My 25th birthday passed and I barely noticed with all the events that have been happening this month. Kristian, Jason, Alex and Justine cheered me up by seeing me and taking me to bingo haha such an odd thing but cheered me up majorly.

Things in my little flat have been awkward as I have been having a lot of arguments and making up with my housemates which nicely brings me onto the main thing that has been on my mind a lot recently. I have been seeing a few psychiatrists about my mental/emotional state of my multiple personalities which has kinda got slightly worse the past 2 years and in the past 3 months got so much more distinct and separate. Not something I normally tell people but I’m not one for hiding things and many people talk to me in private about what I post which is nice and reassuring that I’m approachable and not intimidating ^_^. Most of my friends don’t even know or notice my multiple personalities as I am very in control of things, they just think I am in a good or bad mood. The “bad mood” side of me I am trying to get rid of by seeing the psychiatrists as that’s the side of me that is very much a sociopath and will hurt people emotionally and not care in the slightest. On Thursday when I see them I get a full report and analysis of my mental health and the best solution to help me.

On a nice big plus side I have been seeing a lot of my two really good York friends that have been there for me when I have been very down, my American lady friend and the infamous Josh Landale. Both have helped support me and been there when I have been on the verge of doing something drastic shall we say. Will get a picture of them for my followers on my next post ^_^

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My It’s Been A Long Time

Well a few months down the line and not too much has happened to be honest just a couple of changes.

Let’s start with the slightly odder thing. Recently I have been seeing a psychiatrist about certain things and turns out I may be a bit schizophrenic haha but in a good way. Had explained that one side of me is shy, calm, reserved and a pretty much a hermit and the other side of me is lively, flirty, social and very sexual but a huge downside is that side is a sociopath and cold hearted.  So I’m in the process of getting help for that, will find out more on Tuesday (I’m not too fussed as it doesn’t really bother me.)

Well next thing I guess is that lil old me is being tamed haha. I have indulged my kinky side more and found myself a nice hot dom who controls abit of my sex life amongst other day to day things which has been a lot of fun, he has been abit down recently so trying to cheer him up. On top of that I have been playing with a well known dom called Kristian Hawke ( ) who is really hot and good at what he does hehe. Done a few home vids of us playing and my favourite one is where he abuses me abit then makes me lie in the shower and he pisses all over me, that I can wank to haha.

Met a really hot girl who I get along with really well I think, not known her long but looks like gonna be a good mate.

Well like I said not much has happened apart from these two things, had a nice money making and perving idea but will make a post about that shortly ;)

Laters ;)

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Guest Post: Jason Moon

So... Alex has been pestering me to write a post for here... Here I go.
My names Jason Moon and I’ve been mentioned on here a few times. A few weeks ago I travelled to Manchester with Alex to do some work for Adult Male UK.
Earlier in the week the DVD we together called “Paid to be Laid” was released. Hope to be making more soon :p. In the mean time I’m busy with work and hanging out with guys in Manchester, and I’m pestering Alex to get a new post up.

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Pics from Prague

Will add a few more pics soon :p

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